ARC Screws

Clinical screws

ARC clinical screws are engineered for maximum angulation and exceptional stability. We understand the critical role stability plays in implant restorations, and our screws are specifically designed to deliver reliable performance.

To optimize functionality and enhance performance, all our clinical screws undergo a special coating process. This coating not only achieves optimal pre-load but also contributes to the longevity and reliability of the implant system.

Screw connections1

Screwdriver Compability

Our screws for straight screw channels are compatible with the original screwdrivers. For ARC angled screw channels the hexalobular screwdriver is used.

Temp copings

Lab Components

Our blue lab screws are compatible with the original screw designed for straight screw channels. We also offer our blue lab screws for ARC angled screw channels.

Additionally, we offer non-engaging lab cylinders  for the most common platforms.

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